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            The Office of the Development Commissioner for Handicrafts, Ministry of Textiles invites “Expression of Interest” (EOI) from the reputed institutions, Organizations, Government sponsored Institutions, PSUs, autonomous bodies for selection of a Nodal Agency of the Census of Handirafts Artisans which is in operation since the year 2007-08.  The details of eligibility criteria and terms & conditions for the submission of bids can be obtained  from the website http:/  This can also be collected from Shri H.L.Meena, Deputy Director (Handicrafts), at the above address, at New Delhi Phone No.26103708 from 11.00 AM to 5.00 PM on working days.


            The eligible organizations may submit their bid in sealed envelopes on or before the due date, the details of which are given in the tender document uploaded on the website of this office.


            A  pre-bid conference will be held on  25.05.2009 at 1500 hrs (3.00 P.M.) in the Committee Room of the Office of the Development Commissioner Handicrafts at the above mentioned address.


            Information on bid opening date shall be published on the web site and shall also be known from the Office of the Development Commissioner Handicrafts on the closing date.



(Sanjay Agarwal)

Development Commissioner (Handicrafts)

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Government of India

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Kind attention of interested bidders is drawn to this office tender document inviting “Expression of Interest” for selection of a Nodal Agency to coordinate the work of   census of Handicrafts Artisans under operation  since the year 2007-08 (in the identified 20% districts of the country, for the year 2007-08 in respect of 4 regions i.e. Western, Eastern, Central and  Northern regions; in the identified 20% districts for the year 2008-09 in respect of 4 regions i.e. Western, Eastern, Central and  Northern regions and 40% districts in respect of Southern and North Eastern regions) available on our official website 


The census of handicraft artisans is to be conducted on the framed policy of covering 20% districts for survey every year and to be completed in 5 years during the 11th Five Year Plan.


In view of the above policy decision, the census of handicrafts artisans is to be continued on year to year basis, & now further census of handicraft artisans for the year 2008-09 of the additional 20% of the districts of the states of four regions viz. North, Central, Western and Eastern regions and 40% of the districts of the states of two regions viz. North Eastern Region and Southern Region has been awarded to the selected agencies recently.  It is reiterated that this time also the selection of 20% of the districts 40% of the districts has been done on the similar pattern as has been done for the year 2007-08.  The interested bidders may kindly note that the census of handicrafts artisans planned is a complete census which will involve survey/enumeration, in every villages, in every locality of urban bodies and every household of the cluster of artisans in villages and urban areas of the selected district to adopt an appropriate and adequate procedure and strategy to ensure total    identification & enumeration of the handicrafts artisan. In this census also the enumeration of handicrafts artisans is the foremost idea, the evaluation of which will be based on criteria that the artisan contacted satisfies that the handicrafts produced by him fulfill the requirement of definition of handicrafts i.e. “items made exclusively by hand often with the help of tools to give it both a decorative and utilitarian value”. 


Considering the large volume of work involved, the whole country has been divided into following six regions indicating therein the states in the jurisdiction of each Region with census figures of the last census conducted in the year 1995-96.




No. of Artisans as per census report


(in lakhs)

Northern Region

Delhi, Punjab, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Haryana, Chandigarh (UT)


Central Region

Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand


Eastern Region,


West Bengal, Bihar, Orissa

Jharkhand, Chattisgarh


North Eastern Region,

Assam, Manipur, Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim,Meghalaya


Western Region

Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Goa, Gujarat, Daman & Diu (UT)


Southern Region


Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Pondicherry (UT), Andaman & Nicobar (UT), Lakshadweep (UT)



Since the work of enumeration/census of handicrafts artisans is under operation w.e.f. the year 2007-08 on the above framed policy, “Expression of Interest” is invited for selection of Nodal Agency for coordinating between the agencies conducting census of handicrafts and finally producing a consolidated report on census, on year to year basis indicating national projections at the end of each year strictly as per the following TORs:-





             I.                To evolve a standard structure of data inputting, consistency checking, analysis and presentation, and share them with the regional agencies.

           II.                To conduct 5% back-checking of the questionnaires filled by the regional agencies on a random coverage  basis decided in consultation with Office of the Development Commissioner (Handicrafts).

          III.                To generate, at the end of the year wise enumeration, National level estimates on the basis of all the broad para meters based on the data collected.

         IV.                To synthesize the State-wise reports prepared by the regional agencies and prepare all India report on the Census of Handicrafts  Artisans. 

          V.                Analysis of data using quantitative tool

         VI.                Preparation of Reports and tables

       VII.                Data keeping

     VIII.                Any other work which may arise during the project period due to work exigency of this project.

         IX.                To compare the data generated during the current census with the data of last census which was conducted in the year 1995-96




Agencies preferably National Level agencies such as reputed institutions, organizations, Government sponsored Institutions, PSUs, & autonomous bodies with presence in at least five states/UTs and having previous experience of conducting Census and coordinating at the State/National level and  large surveys preferably in the field of Handicrafts.  The organization based on the eligibility fixed will submit their Expression of Interest in a two-bid format  i.e. separate Technical and Financial, adhering, to the qualifying  conditions in the technical bid, given in the eligibility criteria below :




·      The institution/organization should be a registered entity with minimum Ten years of existence.

·      Total turnover of the organization should be minimum yearly five crores in the preceding last three years.

·      Having minimum ten experienced professionals in the field of survey/census on their rolls.

·      Having the working place equipped with desired IT infrastructure. 

·      The consultancy organization should submit its profile including i) Background of the agency, ii) Brief details of past experience in the field, iii) Copy of the Report of Census conducted, if any, iv) Bio-data of Project Coordinator and other key personnel, v) the manpower that will be deployed for conducting the survey, vi) additional information if any, and other related details.

·      The consultancy organization should develop a concept paper indicating methodology, coverage, time frame and other related aspects for projection of the development of handicrafts.




The interested organization must submit proposal for nodal agency for undertaking the census work.  Organizations/Institutions interested to conduct census of handicrafts as a nodal agency may submit their proposals in two separate envelops containing bid forms for technical and financial bids.  The Organizations/Institutions interested must submit their proposal up to 1700 hrs of 05.06.2009, accompanied with Earnest Money amounting to Rs.25,000/-  along with the  technical bid addressed & pledged to Office of the Development Commissioner (Handicrafts) fulfilling the following conditions:


i.              Technical proposal should be sealed in a separate envelope clearly marked in BOLD “TECHNICAL PROPOSAL FOR NODAL AGENCY FOR CENSUS OF HANDICRAFTS”   written on the top of the envelope, which should contain the following details in it & also in brief on a separate sheet duly authenticated by the authorized functionary of the organization at the beginning of the technical proposal. 



1.      Name, Address, Telephone/Fax No. and E-mail Address.

2.      Year of establishment and registration details.

        (Should be supported by an authenticated copy of the Registration)

3.      Financial turnover during the last five years, year wise.

        (should be supported by an authenticated Balance sheet  year-wise.)

4.       Suggested approach  for coordinating as Nodal agency (the task of census of Handicrafts Artisans) including the questionnaire design and sampling methodology for generating National level estimates with a sample size of 20% of district every year.

5.      Activity-time schedule for accomplishing the various  tasks outlined in the Terms of Reference mentioned above.

6.      CVs of 5 key professionals (having  expertise in Research Design, Statistical Sampling & Estimation, Software Design for Data Processing, Management of Large Scale Surveys  and Handicrafts Sector) proposed to be deployed for National level Co-ordination of the Census of Handicrafts Artisans.

7.      Past experience of conducting census/large scale sample surveys or similar assignments.

8.      Past experience of surveys/studies in the handicrafts sector.

      (valid documentary proofs should be enclosed in support of   all the experiences).

9.      Turn over of at least five crore in last five financial years.  For academic institutions and government research organizations, this condition is not applicable.

10.   Proposed methodology of coordinating the census conducted by the organizations who have worked over census.

11.   IT infrastructure available with the organization (Should be supported with details on a single sheet)

12.   Any other information which is relevant to the assignment.





ii    Financial proposal should be sealed in another envelope clearly marked in   BOLD “SECTION B – FINANCIAL PROPOSAL For  Nodal Agency to coordinate the work of Census of Handicrafts Artisans” written on the top of the envelope.

iii   Both envelopes should have the bidders Name and Address clearly written          at the Left Bottom Corner of the envelope.   Both envelopes should be put             in a larger cover/envelop, sealed and clearly marked in BOLD “Proposal for           selection of Nodal Agency for census of handicrafts artisans in the country” with the bidders      Name and Address clearly written in BOLD at the Left Bottom Corner.



        I.        In case Technical Bid envelop contains financial bid details also, the bid of the concerned organization will be rejected

      II.        Conditional bids will not be considered.

     III.        Any document/sheet not signed shall tantamount to    rejection of bid.


A  pre-bid conference will be held in the Committee Room of the Office Development Commissioner Handicrafts , New Delhi on  25.5.2009 at 1500 hrs in the presence of prospective bidders/their representatives for clarification of doubts if any.





The Bids received will be opened for evaluation of Technical Bids only at 1500hrs  on 09.06.2009,  followed by presentation of the selected bidders in the technical bid on 19.06.2009  at 1500 hrs .   The Financial Bid of the shortlisted bidders in the Technical Bid evaluation/Presentation will be opened on 25.06.2009  at 1500 Hrs. in presence of the interested bidders.





The Technical Proposals will be evaluated by a panel of nominated officers, on the basis of two-stage Quality-cum-Cost  of the bids giving weightage of  70% of the total score obtained in the Technical Evaluation and 30% of the total score in the Financial  Evaluation. Once the technical bids have been evaluated, the successful shortlisted bidders will be requested to make a presentation on the road map  and  the   methodology they will adopt as Nodal Agency in the  census work  followed by opening of the Financial bids on the dates fixed.  Financial bids will be opened, on the date fixed, in presence of the interested bidders or their representatives who are declared successful in the technical bid & the presentation made by them.







The selected Institutions/organizations as Nodal Agency shall have to  coordinate  the complete census work  during the time period of six months  granted to individual organizations for conducting census work,  5% random check may be done after one month of completion of data collection exercise. Presentation of the report  draft and final shall be done two months after random checking exercise. 




In case of time overrun beyond the stipulated period, the defaulting organization shall have to pay a penalty @  1 % of the awarded project cost for the first month of delay and thereafter additional 2 %, 3%, & 4% for the delay caused respectively for 2nd, 3rd & 4th month, which may be adjusted from the amounts payable at the time of final settlement.




The final  deliverables  for the Nodal Agency would be as under :-

I    Statistically valid sample of 20% districts for each region at the end of every census year.

II   Status report on the progress of the census work being done by various regional agencies bi-monthly basis, along with a report  on the back-checking of their work.

III. All-India report on census of handicrafts artisans (100 hard copies and 50 CDs) along with raw data.

IV A modal may be suggested for forecasting of growth of the handicrafts sector on annual basis using the certain criteria adopting the data enumerated by the regional agencies .

V. State-wise detailed reports (20 hard copies and 10 CDs) covering, but not limited to, all the points mentioned in the Terms of Reference.




Selected agency after the award of work and fulfillment of Terms and conditions required under the rules will be paid 50% of the sanctioned amount as first installment with appropriate security from the organization for the amount released. 30% of the sanctioned amount will be paid as 2nd installment when presentation of the report will be made at the draft stage subject to submission of Utilization Certificate of the 1st installment of payment made audited by the Chartered Accountant.  The balance 20% of amount will be paid when the final report is submitted in the office as per the stipulation in the sanction along with utilization certificate from the chartered Accountant of the 2nd installment of payment made, for final settlement of accounts.


The Office of the Development Commissioner (Handicrafts) reserves the right to accept or reject any Bid or annul the Bidding process and reject all Bids at any time prior to award of contract, without assigning any reason thereof.